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Smoke Alarm Electrician Loughton

smoke detector installation loughton

Smoke alarms are required by law in most jurisdictions. They can be installed on the ceiling or wall, and have a battery back up for power outages, or they can be hard-wired and connected to mains electricity. Smoke alarm installation is a basic project that should take only an hour to complete, but it’s important to get it right! Loughton Electricians can help!

A smoke alarm is a battery-operated device that detects particles in the air, such as those from a fire. Smoke alarms are also sometimes called “smoke detectors”. You can install them at any height or location you choose (although it may take more work). ​

The first thing you need to do before installing your smoke alarm is decide where you want it mounted. You can install them on the ceiling or wall (the latter requires more work). You can also install them in every room of your house or just those that are most prone to a fire.

After you figure out where you want it mounted, drill the necessary holes and then insert one end of the mounting screws into each hole. The other ends will need to be screwed onto the alarm unit from below using an electric screwdriver. When this is done, tighten both screws with the manual screwdriver so they’re snug but not too tight – don’t forget about backing up behind these two screws if there’s any chance someone might pull on it by accident!

How to Spot A Faulty Smoke Detector

If there’s no response when pressing its test button, it probably needs new batteries – but check for other problems before replacing these. Other indications of trouble include: 

  • A steadily increasing chirping sound while checking the unit each month

 When your alarm sounds an alerting sound, it’s time to take action. You should immediately: check on any children in the house; make sure you’re wearing shoes that will protect against fire (non-slip socks also work well); close all windows and exterior doors except those necessary for escape; get everyone out!

Smoke detectors and fire alarms can have heat sensing units. These detect any sudden rise in temperature or increase in heat that may indicate an issue with your furnace or water heater. When this happens, it will trigger the unit’s built-in sensor which sends a signal triggering an audible warning device (usually programmed to sound like a traditional horn) along with alerts sent through devices such as pagers or mobile phone applications. Contact Loughton Electricians if you need help with your smoke detector installation.