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What emergency electrical service do you need? Whether it is a new installation, changes to an existing system, or emergency repairs for your home or business, we have the skilled electricians who can help. We are available to help deliver your electrical service at a time which is convenient for you. Some of our services include: Outlet and electrical wiring and rewiring, electrical fault finding, Appliance installations and repair work (air conditioners, furnaces). Loughton Electricians are here at your service.

What Are The Average Costs Of Electrical Services

The cost of a new installation varies from job to job, but is typically between £300 and £800. However, if you have an existing residential electrical system which needs upgrading or significant rehabilitation work done on it then the costs can be much higher. For example replacing live wires with underground cables in your garden could result in one time costs exceeding £3400-5000 plus ongoing maintenance fees for cables that need changing every ten years. Call Loughton Electricians now to get an exact quote on your electrical service issue.