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Electrical systems are an essential part of any building. From the power grid to a simple light bulb, electricity is crucial to almost every aspect of our lives. Loughton Electricians will discuss how you can test your electrical system for safety and efficiency! We’ll cover what you need to know about testing so that you can be sure everything in your home or workplace is up-to-date and safe from malfunctioning circuitry.

The first step is to figure out what type of electrical system you have in your home or workplace. There are many different types, so it’s important that you know which one is installed for the most effective testing process. The three basic systems include a traditional AC electricity system with two wires and an ungrounded circuit breaker panel, a grounded three wire AC voltage system with a ground fault interruption (GFI) protection device like GFCI outlets or AFCIs on circuits feeding bathrooms and kitchens, and 120/240 volt split phase electric power fed from single pole breakers on both sides of the service entrance equipment where there are multiple residences served by one meter–called “wye” wiring configurations.

Once we’ve determined the type of electrical system that you have , we can test it to make sure that the wires are properly connected and grounded.

Loughton Electricians offer a series of electrical testing services, including: Circuit breaker tests – We’ll be able to tell you if your circuit breakers will trip at the appropriate loads or not. This is critical for any home with kids and older adults in order to avoid power outages and fires. 

Electrical wire insulation checks. Some homes have had their original wiring replaced over time due to wear, but they may still have old wiring within them. Our testers know how to look for this without having access inside your walls so that you don’t need an expensive repair job done immediately on top of other repairs.

What Are A Few Types Of Electrical Testing

There are various types of electrical testing, Ring Circuit Loop Test  , the Earth Continuity Test are a few to mention

The Ring Circuit Loop test should be conducted if there is no power at all on one circuit. It will show how much resistance exists in the loop of wire from each terminal to every other terminal. The resistances are measured by using an ohmmeter set to measure Ohms. If the reading shows that there’s more than 100 ohms between any two terminals then it means that a short-circuit has taken place somewhere along this line and you’ll need to get someone qualified with experience in electrical repair work out for help finding it before too long – typically within 24 hours or less as these can start putting your wiring system under huge amounts of strain which is not safe.

The earth continuity test is a electrical test in which all the wires in a circuit are checked for continuity. An ohmmeter is used to measure any voltage present between two points of an electrical wiring system; one point will be connected to earth (typically this is done by connecting it to ground).

Insulation Resistance tests

An insulation resistance, tests some aspect of the insulation around wire conductors. The reading should show more than 1000MΩ at room temperature and not change much with changes in temperature. If there’s less than 500 MΩ or so then you may have some problems with your insulation that need attention – typically within 24 hours or less as these can start putting your wiring system under huge amounts of strain which is not safe. This particular test doesn’t tell us where those issues occur. A ground continuity test is an electrical test in which an electrician checks for electrical continuity in a circuit.