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Electrical Fault Finding Loughton

Electrical fault finding can be a challenging task. There are many reasons why an electrical circuit may fail to function as it should and it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the problem without expensive equipment or time-consuming tracing work. Here at Loughton Electricians we have the knowledge to locate faulty components in your residential or commercial wiring system.

Circuit Breaker: A circuit breaker is an apparatus that interrupts electric current, which then prevents damage to the wire insulation. Circuit breakers are designed so they can be reset and reused without replacing them with new ones. When something goes wrong in your wiring system, it could end up causing too much load on one part of the circuit, leading to overheating of wires and components such as switches and fuses. This will cause more problems than simply not being able to turn lights on! Knowing how to locate faulty devices like these can save you money in costly repairs down the road.

How Do You Know When There Is An Electrical Fault

Here are some signs: flickering light bulbs or blown fuses are an indication that a fault has occurred somewhere in the system; if you have a circuit-breaker which is tripped, this means that too much load has been put on one part of the circuit and it needs to be reset.

The most common electrical fault? A short circuit! This occurs when electricity can’t travel through a wire or power cable because there’s an insulator like rubber, plastic, or insulation around it. If you’re experiencing any unusual electric shocks while touching household objects like appliances – especially electronics – then this could indicate a problem with your wiring as well. Contact one of our electricians today to solve this issue for you.

What are the other types of electrical faults?

Faults can also happen when live wires come into contact with water, earth or any other metal. This is known as a “short circuit fault” and it causes the electricity to jump from one place to another – like jumping across an empty bucket which has no bottom! Other faults may occur due to faulty wiring in your home in Loughton; electrical devices that are not adequately earthed; lightning strikes or power surges caused by down-trees for example.

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