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Electrician loughton

The time may arise when an issue occurs with your electricity within your home. Here at Loughton Electricians we provide professional electrical services that are extremely reliable. We carry out electrical testing , fault finding, wiring and rewiring and plenty more electrical services. Our electricians are always happy to help. Our electricians are available to work in surrounding areas of Loughton and East London, just get in contact!

Electrical faults tend to happen at extremely inconvenient times during the day. It is easy to panic when they occur, as it can really disrupt your day or night. When all the electricity within your home suddenly cuts off for example or a short circuit occurs, it can be really daunting. Loughton Electricians are here to diagnose and solve your issue.

If you want someone who can help as soon as possible then you need Loughton Electricians who are available 24/7 to solve your electrical issue. In order for an electrician to be effective, you’ll need to know some basic details about your home, such as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms it has so that they can assess what work needs doing when they arrive.

An electrician is a tradesperson who specializes in installing, servicing and maintaining electrical equipment. This can include wiring buildings for electricity, installing power lines, repairing high voltage cables and more. Electricians are usually required to have a trade certificate or apprenticeship training before they can work independently.

There are a few different tasks that an electrician can take on. Some of these include inspecting, repairing and maintaining electrical systems – both residential or commercial ones. Other jobs they might do is responding to emergencies, installing new wiring installations, troubleshooting faulty equipment, doing scheduled maintenance for businesses who want to make sure their facilities stay up-to-date with safety standards and more.

The work environment varies too! Electricians may find themselves working outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions; indoors near machinery such as generators or power plants; even in damp basements where humidity levels can be high. Contact us now!

Electrician Loughton

Loughton Electricians have been providing electrical services for more than 15 years and understand how important safety is when dealing with electrical faults; this means that any job we do for you will always be done safely while respecting the environment too. You could also get us over just to provide an annual check up where one of our experts would look! We cover a wide range of electrical emergencies here at our company, so call us and we’ll be with you as soon as possible! Our team of electricians are available throughout the week in Essex and East London. Loughton Electricians provide you with:

  • storage heater installations
  • fault finding 
  • electrical repairs
  • electrical testing 
  • electrical installations
  • domestic electrical upgrades.


Our team is available to solve any electrical emergency. There really is no doubt that our service is loved by all our customers.  We take great pride in the work we do and will be 100% transparent with you every step of the way. Get in touch with Loughton Electricians now.

Loughton is situated in the district of essex, eastern britain, 3 miles north of the city of chigwell, 8 miles south of the major city of harlow, and 13 miles north-east of london. Loughton lies miles north-east of the more prominent london line. Loughton falls in the area gathering of epping forest, under the region board of essex. It’s miles in the ig10 postcode area. The set up city for loughton will be loughton.

Loughton is a city and common ward in the epping forest region of essex and, for factual purposes, part of the metropolitan spot of london and the more prominent london city region. It’s far situated among 11 and 13 miles (21 km) north east of charing pass in london, south of the m25 and west of the m11 expressway and has limits with chingford, waltham convent, Theydon bois, chigwell and buckhurst slope. Loughton comprises of 3 preservation regions and there are 56 recorded structures in the city, all in all with a what’s more 50 which can be locally listed. The ward of loughton covers an area of roughly 3,724 sections of land (15 km2), of which over 1,three hundred sections of land (five km2) are a piece of epping timberland.